[inside fat does bean curd to spend why acerbity] – of origin of _ reason _

[inside fat does bean curd to spend why acerbity] – of origin of _ reason _

Article introduction

Bean curd is spent namely jellied bean curd, it is a kind of food that compares popularity in a lot of areas, because having tender slippery mouthfeel, still can achieve very good satiety result, because this got the welcome of many people. But, when a lot of people are doing bean curd to spend, can discover bean curd flower can have taste sick at heart such problem. Below, introduce bean curd to spend acerbity reason and means of settlement in detail for everybody!

Fat does bean curd to spend inside why acerbity

One, why is jellied bean curd met acerbity

I think you are certain was to use inside ester will do caky, because use inside ester flavour is to take sick at heart. If use gessoShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Not acerbity, but take bit of small pain. Ester uses the 1000 scale of 2 inside, gesso uses the thousand scale of 4. Still a method serves as with thick sea salt caky, heft is about 4 millesimals the left and right sides.

When the ester inside the complementary material that makes jellied bean curd use is dissolved with a few warm water, not too little, too little meeting won’ts do form, also cannot too much, too much ache slightly. General 500 grams soya-bean milk uses the ester inside 6 grams can. You are inside ester is put much ability ache slightly.

2, do a beansShanghai Long Feng forumForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Corrupt head became acerbity how to remedy

If you are used, is inside the jellied bean curd that ester nods, the jellied bean curd that makes then is to take a place acid, you can add bit of white sugar in the process that make. The jellied bean curd that makes with gesso is to take a place agonized, oneself are adjusted according to oneself taste.

Also may be you are in the process that do, use containers esp. for use in the house is stained with unboiled water, once touch unboiled water, jellied bean curd deteriorated very quickly, mouthfeel is bad. Suggest use containers esp. for use in the house has been disinfected with boiled water, had better do not have moisture.

Fat does bean curd to spend inside why acerbity

3, how is jellied bean curd done not acerbity

Material: Soya-bean milk 11000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Bag, insideShanghai night net

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Ester 5g, irrigate bittern: Chrysanthemum, black agaric, xianggu mushroom, egg; Green ginger garlic, aniseed, salt, soy, gourmet powder, gallinaceous essence, balm, starch


1, inside ester uses dilute of Wen Shui of 1 small spoon (the place that sells soya-bean milk commonly has sell)

2, soya-bean milk conflagration is burned drop in temperature reach 80 degrees, transfer into inside ester solution, with small spoon take advantage of an opportunity and divide evenly, quiet place air is cool it is jellied bean curd namely.

Irrigate bittern to make:

1, hair of bubble of clear water of chrysanthemum, black agaric, Xianggu mushroom is abluent (Xianggu mushroom water must not fall) ; Chrysanthemum cuts paragraphs small, agaric is ripped piece, xianggu mushroom is mincing; Green ginger garlic is mincing end; Egg break up becomes egg liquid.

Fat does bean curd to spend inside why acerbity

2, oily touch is put in boiler, small fire stir-fry before stewing is sweet 1 valve aniseed, issue green ginger garlic, xianggu mushroom explodes sweet, put chrysanthemum agaric to be fried together again.

3, enter 2 bowls of water, add salt, soy, gourmet powder to be burned. Amylaceous + Xianggu mushroom water is moved into edge of Gorgon euryale juice to blend an edge to fall into boiler, effervescent hind drench egg fluid transfers into gallinaceous essence involves fire.

4, when eating, irrigate on oil of chili of Chinese prickly ash, balmLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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, caraway can.

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