[what does pig lung boil to treat cough] _ does _ how to do –

[what does pig lung boil to treat cough] _ does _ how to do –

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The cause that causes generation of symptom of human body cough is more complex, so each cough patients choose different remedial method according to his reason. And cough too serious word, can mix to the psychosis of a person throat causes very big loss, so cough patient ought to be treated as early as possible. Also have in folk a lot of what can treat cough is small slant1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Square, among them pig lung can treat cough, because this pig lung and what are boiled together can because this pig lung and what are boiled together,you treat cough?

What does pig lung boil to treat cough

Relieve a cough the practice of pig lung soup

Material: Pig lung 1, Bai Luobo 600 grams, candied date or jujube 3, ginger 5

Practice: It is to should clear above all pig lung, this one pace compares a key to also compare a trouble. Want to use clear water to go in from the tracheal position fill among pig lung, at the same time fill water dabs at the same time pig lung, make water easier enter pig lung, be roused by the pig lung with water full fill, hard hard, make the same score pig lung next put, squeeze water come out, squeezing process when the hematic water in lung of meeting general pig and sewage rush together, clean a few times repeatedly, it is OK to wash snow-white color till damask pig lung. Shanghai night net

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Clear proper size can cut pig lung after good pig lung, the attention need not be cut too smally, return meeting remain possibly when wash because of pig lung a few water, when be being boiled so, may narrow 1/3 control. Cut good pig lung, wash again even 3, 4, after all the spoil of pig lung is much after all.

White turnip flay cuts hob piece, hot pot falls oil is fried a little. Candied date or jujube is patted flat go nucleus, after along with ginger and 10 bowls of clear water are put into boil of the Bao in arenaceous Bao together, Love Shanghai is the same as a city

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Open pig lung and Bao of white turnip conflagration turn small fire Bao 2 hours, salt is added to flavor when drinking can. Pig lung is boiled with water even before Bao, will inside spoil forces after coming out, scoop pig lung again.

What does pig lung boil to treat cough

Relieve a coughFall in love with the sea

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Pig lung soup how Bao is good drink

Relieve a cough pig lung soup has wanted to drink, the data that can choose to differ will match, for example Xue Li, olive is very good, can help already relieve a cough, still can add delicate.

Cleaning pig lung also is very important. Want above all pig lung tracheal to faucet fill water, after waiting for lung to expand, make with the hand the neck is squeezed, the water that goes in fill passes persnickety canal to squeeze come out, repeat a few times. Next pig lung section, put Xiaoxu flour and water, relapse with the hand knead drops the attachment rub of pig lung, rinse with clear water next. AgainShanghai Long Feng forum

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Cross pig lung with white vinegar and clear water adj/LIT wide piece immerse 12 minutes or so, purify fishy smell and bacterium. Burn boiled water to boil namely finally, force the spoil inside cost piece.

What does pig lung boil to treat cough

Want to buy fresh pig lung, be about to choose a few look full, two alobe of the lung are euqally big, without damaged, without blackShanghai noble baby

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Dot, black piece or erythema, pink of exterior colour and lustre is tender, bright and clean and even. If pig lung color is brown green or hoar, the proof is Biedermeier. Those who have peculiar smell also cannot edible, if see,is oedema, energy of life on lung substandard of appearance piece section expresses swollen, tubercle and pus unusual situation also cannot edible. The 2nd it is to rely on to feel, good pig lung feels bouncy, feel is good, do not stick a hand, carry feel lighter on the hand. The attention must be cleaned clean before lung of the pig that boil, especially the hematic water inside and bubble should be cleaned come out.

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