[what to eat bright eye can treat myopia] _ eats – of food of bright eye of what good _

[what to eat bright eye can treat myopia] _ eats – of food of bright eye of what good _

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The idea that takes the place of as present tense is different, more and more people begin to pay close attention to preserve one’s health, not be to the body blind goes preserve one’s health, however some person eyes are bad to can treat myopia through eating food of a few bright purposes or the problem of eye respect, nevertheless everybody still needsShanghai Long Feng forum

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Want to notice, the body case that considers everybody is different, in the choice alimental moment can look the introduction below first.

What to eat bright eye can treat myopia

What does the dietotherapy method of myopia of prevention and cure have?

1, chicken of young of longan medlar evaporate

With spring chicken 1, go splanchnic hind bring into longan, medlar, red jujube each 30 grams, go up boiler evaporate is ripe, flavor edible. This is tasted have raise blood be good at liver of lienal, beneficial the effect of bright eye, look of exhaustion of medicable myopia, eye, dazed heart-throb, insomnia is weary wait for disease.

2, soup of ostracean dawdle laver

Fresh ostracean pork 250 grams, dawdle 200 grams, laver 30 grams, ginger, sesame oil, salt, gourmet powder each are right amount. First boil of stay of proceedings, ginger 15 minutes, reentry oyster, laver is boiled slightly, tone above narrates condiments, have even boiling water below. Just should have grow kidney to raise liver, enrich the blood bright purpose effect, arrogate to oneself treats myopia, look matter dim-sighted, or long ill body empty, dazed dazzled person.

What to eat bright eye can treat myopia

3, walnut milk sweet drink

Fry with right amount black sesame seed sweet grind end, walnut flesh is small fry pound, inside the bottle that divide lay aside. Every timeNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Each take one spoon, irruptive milk (or soya-bean milk) a cup, add honey spoonful attune to take. Moisten the respiratory tract of kidney of this square can nourishing liver, bright eye, advocate treat myopia and form of dry of binocular and dry, defecate all disease.

4, a thick soup of egg of walnut jujube a surname

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Walnutmeat (small fry flay) 300 grams, red jujube (go nucleus) 250 grams, medlar 150 grams, with bright pork liver 200 grams together mincing, a few water is added in the basin that put porcelain, lie between water to stew half hours to reserve. Daily take 2-3 spoon, infiltrate 2 eggs, add candy comfortableA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Quantity evaporate is a thick soup. This square beneficial kidney fills liver, raise blood the action of bright eye. MedicableForum of Shanghai night net

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Myopic, eyesight decreases a scald in order to remove hairs or feathers, or companion has the disease such as aching and limp of genu of dazed and forgetful, waist.

What to eat bright eye can treat myopia

Above is the relevant introduction that treats dietotherapy of myopic doctor of traditional Chinese medicine to have what ” about ” , dietotherapy of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine can assist remedial myopia, can help nearsighted patient stabilize eyesight, make eyesight is not sent drop; Also have certain help to preventing myopia at the same time. Produce myopia, the expert reminds you to must be checked to normal hospital and glasses inn examine, the eye that cannot be oneself curtly matchs a pair of improper glasses.

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