California Beachgoers To Tackle Surfer Gang Bullies With Integration Challenge On MLK Day

Christopher Taloa, shown here at an event for Blue Crush in 2002, is fed up with the Bay Boys.

SGranitz via Getty Images

Christopher Taloa, shown here at an event for Blue Crush in 2002, is fed up with the Bay Boys.

A band of entitled surf bullies in Southern California have been placed on notice that their exclusive territorial attitude will be challenged on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
The Lunada Bay Boys have a long histo爱上海同城交友 千花网官网ry of harassing out-of-town surfers who head for the waves from “their” beach in Palos Verdes Estates, a wealthy Los Angeles suburb 16 miles south of Santa Monica. 
They have been the target of police crackdowns and two lawsuits by area residents who say the mostly white and wealthy “trust fund” surfriders have hijacked a Pacific Ocean beach that belongs to everyone.
Hawaiian actor and former champion body boarder Christopher Taloa said he was subjected to “gang-style intimidation” and kicked twice in the face when he tried to ride the waves with friends at Palos Verdes Estates three years ago on Martin[……]

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Open innovation converts risks to opportunity

No-one would blame you for feeling that the world is pretty risky right now. But let me demonstrate to you that it’s not all doom and gloom.
I invite you to explore what happens when you combine a mindset of optimism with a passion for problem solving and open innovation. This is what characterizes the team behind the Global Opportunity Report 2017, presented by DNV GL, Sustainia, and the United Nations Global Compact.
A mindset of optimism
For the last three years now, we have waited for the World Economic Forum to release its annual Global Risk Report. And then BANG! One week later, we launch our Global Opportunity Report – which I personally see as the white smoke of hope and optimism puffing out of the Nordics.
Where does all this optimism come from? Truth be told it doesn’t come from just one region: it flows from the insights of thousands of collaborative people around the world.
The project team has canvassed 5 500 leaders from within business[……]

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Greenland's Coastal Ice Caps Have Melted Past The Point Of No Return

The coastal glaciers and ice caps of Greenland are "doomed," according to a new study.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The coastal glaciers and ice caps of Greenland are “doomed,” according to a new study.

Even as President Donald Trump and his administration continue to deny the urgency of climate change, an international team of researchers has revealed how global warming has already melted Greenland’s coastal glaciers and ice caps past the point of no return.
In a study published in Nature Communications on Friday, scientists based in Europe and the U.S. describe how the glaciers and ice caps that cover tens of thousands of square miles along the coast of Greenland have reached a critical “tipping point,” beyond which further melting is unavoidable.
Troublingly, the ice had already surpassed this tipping point 20 years ago, the researchers said — only the technology to confirm this hadn’t existed until now.
“These peripheral glaciers and ice caps can be thought of as colonies of ice that are in rapid decline, many of which wil[……]

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Theresa May Slammed For Weak Response To Trump's Withdrawal From Paris Deal

Just days ahead of Britain’s snap election vote, Prime Minister Theresa May is under fire for failing to join a chorus of world leaders in strongly condemning President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the historic Paris climate accord.
Foreign powers across Europe and around the globe swiftly criticized Trump’s move to pull out of the international agreement to curb global warming, but May neglected to comment directly.
“The Prime Minister expressed her disappointment with the decision and stressed that the U.K. remained committed to the Paris Agreement,” her spokesperson said, noting Trump called May before making his public announcement on Thursday.
May’s signature was notably absent from a joint statement released later that day by France, Germany and Italy expressing regret at the U.S. withdrawal.
The Labour Party’s foreign policy spokeswoman, Emily Thornberry, questioned May’s reported decision to abstain from signing the statement as “a d[……]

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Don't Take Your Drinking Water for Granted this World Water Day

Where does your drinking water come from?
Natural historian Sidney Horenstein has been asking that question around New York City for decades. The answer he always gets is: “From the faucet.”
This Sunday, however, is World Water Day, an event created by the United Nations to draw attention to the lack of safe drinking water around the world. (You might have seen the signs in your local Starbucks this week.) More than 1 billion people lack clean water worldwide, which results in disease, poverty and political instability.
“Waterborne illnesses kill 5 million people each year — an estimated 5,000 children every day,” NRDC Executive Director Peter Lehner told Congress in 2007 when testifying on the 35th anniversary of the Clean Water Act, whose passage marked one of NRDC’s first major victories.
So this might be a good time for all of us who are lucky enough to have a clean, safe source of drinking water to think a little more about how this precious resource find[……]

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USDA to Unveil Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food Initiative

I think the potential is enormous, especially in formerly industrial cities, where the big factories are not going to come back, but there are large tracts爱上海419 千花网官网 of vacant land that already have water mains (think irrigation) running under them. Each of these cities spends billions of dollars for food, an千花网论坛 爱上海d can generate significant local income by building the farms and distribution channels needed to cycle that food within city borders.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner: The Green Movement's Dirty Little Secret

It wasn’t very long ago that I found myself huddled in the corner at a particularly fancy, über exclusive green-themed party in the trendy meatpacking district of New York City. I won’t say who was throwing the bash, but they’re a leader in the green industry and have a solid track record for establishing effective change in the movement.
It was clear that while planning the party, this particular group had been quite thoughtful — meticulous, even — in making sure that each and every aspect of the event was environmentally kosher.
The CFL light bulbs were responsibly hung and complimented the sustainable furniture, neatly scattered throughout the efficiently air-conditioned space. The staff wore fair-trade, organic cotton t-shirts proudly displaying the organization’s logo in crisp, soy-based ink. Even the invitation was up to par — embossed with those six hypnotizing words: “Printed on 100 percent recycled paper.” Yes, at first glance one might think that[……]

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EV Makers Gradually Shifting to Undermount Battery, Ideal For Better Place Battery Swapping

According to Better Place, the electric vehicle industry is following along as expected and several makers are locating batteries in the ideal underside location, perfectly situated for their own battery swapping prog指压推油上海千花网 千花网官网ram. The battery swapping system from Better Place was designed as a means to extend the usable range of an EV in a timely …

2010 Prius Supplies Still Scarce, Toyota Considers US Factory…Again

As global deman爱上海同城对对碰 爱上海同城对对碰官网d remains high for the 50-MPG 2010 Toyota Prius, stocks of the car at U.S. dealers are down to a one-week supply, which is all but sold 南京桑拿网 爱上海网out. A normal supply is considered to equal 60 days’ worth of sales. Sales of the 2010 Prius spiked in late July and August, due to a combination of natural demand for the all-new …