An Evening with Jane Goodall

Small but mighty.
When the slight figure of Dr. Jane Goodall appeared on the stage at College Park Center, University of Texas Arlington, she received a standing ovation. It seemed as though the entire audience, which was huge, sprang to their feet simultaneously. The crowd hushed when she began to speak in a[……]

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Here's How Congress Plans To Save Food From The Trash

Kirk McKoy via Getty Images

In Congress these days, it’s all about that waste. 
Legislation introduced Wednesday in the Senate aims to dramatically reduce the amount of food being wasted in the U.S. While it’s not the first bill to tackle the issue, it’s one of the broadest and beefiest.
The Food R[……]

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Swamp-Draining 101: Don't Appoint Swamp Rats

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

Attention Trump voters. Please, pay attention Trump voters. You have spoken once, and your anger has come through loud and clear. But it doesn’t end there. Now it’s time to hold the people you elected accountable, to insist that all of your candidate’s talk about ending the Wal[……]

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Painting Through the Irish Countryside

Barbara Prey painting at Glendalough
I have a major museum commission for MASS MoCA , but before I came back to my New York Studio to begin the project, I went on a painting trip to Ireland. I began in Doolin, a small town well known for its music. Doolin is a good starting point to explore the surrounding area of[……]

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Pebble Mine 2016 Year In Review: Salmon First, Pebble Never

2016 closed for the Pebble Mine like so many years before it — with no progress: no permit, no application, and no new financial partner. As it did in 2015, the last remaining company in the once-formidable Pebble Partnership – the small Canadian mining exploration company Northern Dynasty Minerals – continued fr[……]

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